Dotzee - Reviews

My son just received this for Chanukah and we've already played it a couple times. He's six, and was able to learn the rules quickly, but I had to explain them to him. Basically, all the dice in a square array of 16 start blank. Players take turns rolling a blank die on the edge of the array. They can choose to put the die back after rolling, or add it to the end of the dice in that row or column to push the dice around. The object of the game is to get two pair in a row, or four of one color in a row, or a "small straight" (1234 or 2345) or four of a kind. You earn a point for any one of these you make. You can earn more than one point at a time if you push the dice around properly and form more than one of these arrangements at the same time, and you can block others from scoring by pushing the dice around strategically. My six year old isn't thinking all that strategically yet, but I pointed out different "good" choices he could make when choosing which die to roll, and he's getting the hang of it. Good family fun that makes you and your kids think. – Joel Pinczewski