Whether played in groups, in pairs or independently, Maranda Games provide interactive Math and Language experiences which increase brain activity and exercise higher order thinking skills.  According to research done by Dr. Gwen Dewar PHD., playing board games like these can have possible intellectual benefits. (www.parenting Children learn to plan ahead, predict the outcome of an alternative move, detect patterns and can even experience how to win or lose with grace and good manners!  

Different Teachers-Different Learners!

 Simple rules and clear goals allow for easy implementation...especially important in the differentiated classroom!  Each different learner expands their own individual problem solving and thinking skills with every game.   If the instructor can explain it simply, the student will be able engage quickly.

Face to Face Fun!

 Learners engage in relational, face-to-face FUN! Maranda games provide experiences which encourage learning, increase brain activity and foster engagement, retention and completion.   Games allow for a great deal of practice.  We rarely think of the amount of "work" we are required to do in a game.  Maranda games do not always define the way in which a problem is solved or worked out, but often allows for thinking creatively.  The circumstance of game play appears to free the pupil from immediate academic expectation , thus overcoming potential barriers to learning. create discussions!

Get them FREE for the classroom!

 One set is all you will ever need...Made of sustainable hardwoods and domino style tiles to last an entire career of teaching. AND you can get an entire classroom set of 12 games FREE! (Ask about our Maranda Classroom Game Night!)