Speedy Recall - Reviews

Speedy Recall can make a boring wait time more interesting and maybe even thoughtful. I look forward to playing this again on our next dinner out. Parent and kids can complete in a fast a furious flipping fun game. 


My family had a great time playing this game, it had the kids brains thinking and all of us participating. It's a great game for a rainy day and to keep the kids brains thinking during summer breaks and holidays! 


We received our Speedy Recall and played the first round after school the very same day. It is a quick game and is great for an interactive, competitive family activity. We've played it multiple times since receiving it - once even in the car on a drive to the grandparents - and it results in laughter and creative thinking every time. Speedy Recall was a great game and appropriate for our family (2 boys age 6 & 7). It reminded me of similar games - just simpler. 


Speedy Recall is game for families. The quick set up and short list of rules makes this game quick to play, so if you're playing with little kids you don't lose their attention quickly. Some of the categories may be a bit tough for the younger crowd but you can use that as a learning opportunity. This is a game I can see my family playing often.